Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I love being productive!

Im back after a productive few days! after completely losing my 'get up and go' its somehow returned and wanting me to be more organized than ever!  i have actually spent the last few days doing things i have been procrastinating about for so long. this is SO not like me. i love it. not so sure how long it will last. ive also absolutey gutted my eldest childs bedroom and i feel SO guilty! i hate that! i feel so attatched to things because they were gifts or they cost x amount of money but they never get used and my Daughter is enjoying her space so much more because she actually HAS space! you know in cartoons where theres a devil sat on one shoulder and an angel on the other? yep, thats me whilst trying to declutter. i know its going to benefit everyone. i already feel less stressed which is good and my little ones are excited to help mummy clean. Lets hope we can keep it up! i will blog an update in the next few weeks. 
Recently i have become obsessed with watching youtube vlogs. I actually stumbled up on 'Malitose79' by accident but i have become additcted to her vlogs. she is the queen or organization. i have been playing her vlogs whilst i clean, paint, eat. check out her videos theyre amazing! -http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/5890623
Last week i had a trip into Manchester and went to primark. i picked up various things - actually way more than i planned - but my wardrobe needed a spruse up and i had just donated some items to charity so i needed new stuff right?
anyway i picked up these jeans/jeggings for £7, and usually im quite picky about jeans but these are SO comfortable and such a good fit!  usually i hate primark jeggings or jeans because i find the legs too skinny and the waist too big so they fall down but not these ones! the best bit is they come in all different colours ready for spring so i will be heading back there this week to stock up. for £7 you cant go wrong.
To team with them i also got this gorgeous flower print blouse..
This was i think £10 and i just love love love it! its my best buy in ages, its quite long and flowy, covers the bum so would look great with leggings also. it has gold buttons right up to the collar and i wore it with a gold spike necklace. Such a bargain at £10 and it looks so much more expensive. I wore it with a grey suede pair of tassled pumps that i also picked up in primark on sale for £4! so definitely get to primark for some bargains if your wardrobe is in need of a make over this new year,
Well its a short post from me today but i will be back again and next time with some childrens party planning tips and photos from past parties i have hosted as its nearly time to celebrate baby number 3's first birthday!
until next time
Keep Sparkling